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Finally made the trip


Staff member
And stopped in to Precision Armory. Great group of people, great selection, and great prices. Recommended!

Thanks again Shawn and again, welcome to Nevada's real gun forum!!

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Low Speed High Drag
My good buddy Jesse works there. I finally just stopped in the other day as well. Cool place. Lots of guns for a little place. A little slim on the accessories side of things, but, that’s ok.

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Adjusting to the west!
I missed the place one day last week, but stopped by Wednesday.

Spoke with the older gent for a little but. Very friendly!

Will consider them.


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I came in the morning of Saturday checking them out and also got my Nevadashooters mug. Returned in the afternoon and picked up a “few” lower receivers. I like the place and the friendly service. Will be back more for sure.