Finally starting to carry the 627....

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Well, even after all the drama with the 627, after3 trips back to the factory, and it FINALLY coming back acceptible to me....and finally after shooting about 400 rounds through it... the 627 will be sticking around for a while, so I went ahead and had my favorite local (they also have a great website) kydex place whip me up yet another awesome wheel gun holster. I went a little "flashy" on this one but I dont think its too loud and man it matches great!

L.A.G. Tactical does it again with a kick-butt holster!

Now I need to see about some way to carry 8 shot speed loaders or moon clips.


They have done great work for me before on some holsters for my K-Frames and a light bering holster for one of my 1911's as well.


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Nice looking rigs and glad that the 627 worked out with all the frustration. What 1911 is tucked away in that holster?


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Nice! Glad as well the gun got straightened out for you. Just got my first LAG holster recently for my CZ P10c and it's made exceptionally well. Like it as much as my JM stuff. Two good options from local Reno shops.