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Finnish Wood


uber n00b

For such a small country they had a variety of arms base in the 1898 receiver and the improvements were amazing.



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I have a Finnish M28/76 in a left-handed stock. I shoot left handed so I lucked out finding one. Rare version.


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Ahh...I see. Lapua it is then. You could trim the cases. They usually stretch a bit after firing.
The issue is with the shoulders. Regular 54R won’t let the bolt close and there are stress marks on the shoulder of the case. Try as I might i couldn’t get the shoulders bumped back enough on 54R brass to chamber even my hand loads.

Lapua 53R is buttery smooth. Norma takes a little more effort but isn’t bad. Nothing else will chamber.
A close friend had a 28/76 I don't know what happened to the rifle after he passed.

He was a bit of a Zen shooter. He had books on shooting going back to the 1700's in several languages and he spoke and wrote in all. He had loaded in detail and drove me crazy. His collection of loading equipment went back to the early 1900's.

When he passed his wife asked me to help sort his collection and equipment. I didn't get any for a week and the new son in-law had come in and flea marketed every thing to invest in his business. Plan ahead for your things.

He had a collection of Swiss rifles from trophy matches in Switzerland. All were decorated with awards. I have no idea what happened to it all. Sad a big chunk of history gone.

I would like to see the left handed stock set some time..

Thanks for the reply.