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flying with Guns?


full blown addict
Just got a great an opportunity to go hunting but i'll need to fly to location. and never having the experience with flying to a hunting location I'm interested in any advice tips. looks like i'll be bringing 2 guns if possible.
For long guns buy a good case like a Pelican, handguns need to be in a locked container in your checked bag. Each airline has there own policies for ammunition storage and amounts.

When you check in at the counter let the person know you need "declare a firearm", not "i have a gun". They will give you a form to sign that says you certify all firearms are unloaded. They will ask you the case so they can see there is no ammo and place the declaration in the case. Depending on which airports, terminal, airline, etc you may be sent to TSA for them to inspect.

On the other end it usually comes out with the regular checked baggage.

Imagine the times i flew out of Boston post-911 with a hard case full of machine guns, suppressors, and handguns. Good times.


Also remember that the lock for the case should not/must not be TSA compliant ... a good thick padlock (or two) is always a good idea.

Jim Fuller

Rifle Dynamics 07FFL/SOT
Many Airlines are charging on the average about 50.00 for the extra checked bag, with some of the larger Pelican cases the cost can be much higher. You can ship a gun anywhere in the country for much less than that.