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Cave Dweller

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The helmet design is dubbed 'Gunslinger'.


Took a ride up the Oregon Coast before heading up to Crater Lake.

RF900R 2.jpg

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Cave Dweller
Continued from above...

Beach time at the Las Vegas Wash. The concrete blocks are remnants of old casinos.


Finally some swim time!


Rock Hound.

20180315_182601 (2).jpg

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20180401_152419 (2).jpg

And back to business.


And THAT'S the outline of 'Jazz'...

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Cave Dweller
A little shooting fun south of town.

DSCN1543 (2).JPG


Colt 1911 porn.


And a 'his and hers' for those days when you just can't make up your mind.

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Cave Dweller
In cooler weather we're hiking the desert and prospecting.

This was sunset in AZ on the east of Lake Mead. The moon on one side...

20180428_191959 (2).jpg

And the sun on the other.

20180428_192046 (2).jpg

The moon sinking the next morning.

20180429_052116 (2).jpg

And sunrise facing the opposite direction.

20180429_053318 (2).jpg

The desert can be magical at times.

20180413_180331 (2).jpg

20180413_180351 (2).jpg

20180429_102118 (2).jpg

20180504_080617 (2).jpg

20180429_145441 (2).jpg
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Cave Dweller
Ever try to check into a flight when you're in the middle of the desert? Valley of Fire expedition! It was damn near dark by the time we got back to the bike.

Look closely and you'll see it...

20180313_164711 (2).jpg

20180313_171021 (2).jpg

20180313_171611 (2).jpg

20180313_171855 (2).jpg

20180313_173452 (2).jpg

20180313_173502 (2).jpg

20180313_183336 (2).jpg

20180313_184000 (2).jpg


Cave Dweller
It's amazing where things find places to grow out in the desert. Some of it is absolutely stunning!

20180318_182119 (2).jpg

20180329_161113 (2).jpg

20180403_105716 (2).jpg

That's not a white plant, it's minerals (rocks) growing up from the desert floor!

20180406_165040 (2).jpg

20180406_182428 (2).jpg

20180409_151103 (2).jpg

Make up a caption. This cactus forms a head on this mythical desert creature!

20180429_102126 (2).jpg

Always good to have a little snack food available. Lots of lizards running around in the desert!

20180414_152734 (2).jpg
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Cave Dweller
I jumped on my bike to head up to view the eclipse. These pics are near the town of Stanley, Idaho, along the Salmon River. The light was super eerie because these were seconds after the sun emerged from the total eclipse. I had just ridden through the town and was going to pull over and set up a video when the sun went black. I pulled over in darkness and had to scramble for the camera, me being freezing cold after hours of riding in the morning chill while reaching my planned destination.

DSCN5546 (2).JPG

DSCN5549 (2).JPG


DSCN5557 (2).JPG

Taking a moment to warm up before reaching my eclipse viewpoint. The sun was probably about half obscured at this point.


On the way I passed through the town of Arco, Idaho. High school seniors had been branding the cliff sides for decades!

DSCN5565 (2).JPG

DSCN5566 (2).JPG

DSCN5567 (2).JPG

DSCN5561 (2).JPG
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Cave Dweller
Steve Darnell, who stars in the show 'Vegas Rat Rods' (Welderup), lives south of town and has a pretty cool place where they do a lot of filming for the show.

20171019_172228 (2).jpg

And there's always room for a little SEMA porn!

20171102_103506 (2).jpg

20171102_110223 (2).jpg

20171102_113719 (3).jpg

20171102_114637 (2).jpg

20171102_114650 (2).jpg

Aaron Kaufman, 'The Bearded Wonder', formerly of 'Gas Monkey Garage', shooting a segment for his new show.

20171102_120536 (2).jpg

20171102_141423 (3).jpg

20171103_144507 (3).jpg

20171103_145810 (3).jpg
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My son and G'daughter came for a visit after 7 years. He has been in Army 17. They live on the east coast. I took them out to the Carson City Range. This picture is of him shooting my Henry color case hardened .30-.30 with Octagon barrel.
Next picture is of the Silver Queen up in Virginia City. Her dress is made of Silver Dollars. Ben Shooting Henry 003.JPG Silver Queen 001.JPG


Cave Dweller
Wow I haven't seen that Silver Queen since the early 70's! Thanks for posting it.

Anne shot this pic while dropping in somewhere over Asia last week. Unfortunately when this was texted to me the phone reduced the quality.



Cave Dweller
Atomic Liquors, oldest free standing bar in Vegas. The Rat Pack and others used to come here after their shows downtown to hangout and wind down. Back in the day they used to go up on the roof to watch to watch the nukes being exploded up north, hence the name.

1 20180217_214954 (2).jpg

Prepping for a pool tourney at the Rio

2 20170717_175301 (2).jpg

3 20180512_202733 (2).jpg 4 20180512_204526 (2).jpg

Not a great pic but poker players will recognize this as a good day at the office.

5 20180615_005546 (2).jpg
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