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getting the hunting rig ready for fall


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Here is the general lee's big brother...the ford version. 1972 ford f100, 4 inch lift 38.5x14.5 super swampers 4x4 with a little 300 six cylinder. Good little hunting rig, I had to weld a patch panel in where the sunroof used to be, so the general lee tribute was a natural remedy as opposed to repainting the truck...lmao



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Yeah, it does lack a boom, but I do have a winch to mount up in the box so I can pull the game up into the back of the truck till I get back to camp, then pull them up into a tree with pulley system to skin, then lower into pickup to transport to the meat locker...now the problem is just finding a weak link in the gene pool...lol.


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Yeah, I prefer gm vehicles also, I have a few old cars and are mostly gm, this truck i inherited from my older brother. It is a nice old truck. Thanks.


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Your truck is bad ass, but my favorite in your fleet is the 64(?) vett :drool:

I have no brand loyalty any more. I love older GM stuff. We own a ford, jeep, Chevy and a VW currently.
My favorite truck was the Tacoma, too bad it cost as much as the chevy silverado and the jeep combine.


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Yeah, the vette is a nice ride...just cant take the .50 out in it....lol...I am with you on the brand loyalty thing, I have two chevy, a dodge, and a ford, so I guess you can say I am a fan of the big three...lol.


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That is very true, the main reason that we liked chevy over ford when I was growing up is that pretty much every small block chevy the parts are interchangeable and you can use an intake manifold off a 283 for a 350 or 327 etc... but other than that I really could care less...I do think that they made them alot better back in the day....but it is taking more and more effort to find parts/knowledgeable parts people for the classics. You go to the parts store any more and if they can't find it in their computer then you are pretty much screwed.
Isn't that the truth. First question they ask is, "What year?" When I tell them I have a 350 in a 1962 Chevy, and they won't find that in the computer, you can just see the TILT look in their eyes.

To reset them, I have to suggest they look at any year Chevy in the '70s. Of course that technique is fading as the years march on.