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Going to buy a new RUGER 57 pistol

RUGER just came out with their 57, a 5.7 x 28 pistol that will be a companion for my FN PS90 carbine. All the YouTube tests show it to be at least equal in quality to the 2X more expensive FN Five seveN pistol. PLUS the RUGER is more ergonomic. So perhaps this will popularize the 5.7 x 28 cartridge and prices will drop with more ammo makers entering the market. Fingers crossed...


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Looks like it is a package with the same specifications as the FN pistol, at a fraction of the cost. What is not to like?


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I can't wait for the price to settle down. I had a 5.7 FN and traded it away a few years ago and kick myself every time i see one for sale and can't afford it. The new Ruger prices vary a lot, Prepper guns had one left this morning for $799.00, Guns.com has them for $669 but on a waiting list, and saw one other place for $619 with a waiting list. When the price gets around $600, or less i will pick one up that will leave m a few bucks for ammo.
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I've always liked the FN 57 pistol. I wished I would have had one when I was chasing drug smugglers through the desert. A light, flat shooting pistol with a 30 round magazine, as a secondary firearm, what's not to like.

I still roam the outback, and I think as soon as the price stabilizes on the Ruger 57, I'll probably have one accompanying me on me forays into the desert.
Exactly Gunhand, As I too "roam the desert" it will be nice to carry a pistol that can easily each out to 100 yards. Aid I'm buying an extra magazine so I will have 2 in a double belt pouch. Hey, 60 rounds can't hurt.

Eric B.
Those who are seriously interested in buying one -

send a PM to forum sponsor DGS (Discount Gun Source)

Picked one up a couple of weeks back at a better price than I had seen advertised anywhere.

(don't PM me for price, I have no idea what he is currently selling at)

Friendly staff and nice store to do business at.
Still looking for one at $600. which I feel will soon be the average "street price". But I'm "all a-twitter" over getting one. (Dirty Harry's term)

Eric B.