Good score on a Smith & Wesson 686-4


Hydrostatic shock creator
Just picked up this beauty from a local pawn shop for under the price of a used Glock 19 Gen 3. 😉

I have been searching high & low for years for a Smith & Wesson 686-4 6 shot 2.5” barrel and they seem to see far and in between. Finally scored one and can’t wait to shoot it. Super tight lockup and looks to be fired very little. Going to be my primary carry piece as I’m tired of big bulky semi automatics like Glock. It fits in my pocket quite nice until a I can find a prime leather OWB holster.

If any of you are looking for used revolvers at a deeply discounted price, check out Bargain Pawn. They are my go to place that kills most of the others on prices and selection.