Google Maps: Reno Area Shooting Spots

I was up there a few weeks ago and people have been shooting bottles in the road, again, so watch your tires.
Yeah I dont get it. Real pigs, I dont understand it. When will these guys learn? They are going to get stuff shut down! That spot is 5miles from my house! That would suck if they closed it.

BTW can anyone PM me a place I can shoot long range? Im on the boarder of sparks/spanish springs. Want to shoot some yotes too!
Eagle Canyon Drive area by Spanish Springs is now off limits to the general public. It's now managed by the RSIC. It's sad to see this place gone for us shooters and off roaders.:thumbdown:
I have not gone over the posts over the last few years, but I know there have been major changes and by that I mean the closing of places where it was possible to shoot, even with just a shotgun or BB gun. Places that changed on the map like the northeast corner of Vista and the Freeway, there was a road leading back up into the hills there. Before Obama left office he turned over a bunch of land to the Indian Rez up by Eagle Canyon Rd. I don't know what it is like by Red Rock, NW of Reno. I did go out old Winnemucca Rd about five miles (most of it a dirt county road) and found a spot for handgun shooting if the creek has not risen so you can drive across there, just before you get to some abandoned buildings. Last year the valley road east of Golden Eagle Regional Park had a brush fire and shooting was banned there. Someone? put up a shooting. What we need is a place similar to the shooting range in Carson City??? Yes or no? Nobody really in charge and many do not want to go there due to safety reasons. If anybody knows a close shooting spot (sadly I only have a 2 wheel drive truck) if you tell me where it is, I promise (scout's honor) not to tell anyone else. I only go out on weekdays (retired) and carry a bucket in rear of truck to pick up shell casings and generally clean up any area where I shoot plus other's trash. As for the county shooting map, I think someone should repost the link in a new thread. Sadly I am not all that tech savvy. Good shootin' all...


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I tried to access the map and it first said I had to sign in, then had to apply for permission to see it. Waiting to get permission.

I think the Carson Range is OK, but some of the people are sketchy, so it's probably better to go when there are lots of people around. The real issue is several years ago a couple of punks killed a shooter and stole his guns. I believe they got the death penalty, which really means life without parole.

I think the CC range (private bays and the far end) are closed for IDPA most Sundays, and both the CC Sheriff's Department and WNCC's POST academy use it for practice. I've also seen park rangers out there.

Went out to Painted Rock east of Johnson Lane in Douglas County last week. Looked like someone had gone through and cleaned it up. Almost no trash (and I didn't leave any behind myself). Keep it up.