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Gotta love Texas!


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Went hunting this last weekend in Pontotoc TX. Thunderstorms friday night made for some awesome hunting on Saturday morning. The hogs were out rooting all morning. I stopped hunting after killing five, figured I would save some for the next time.

For those of you wondering about the effectiveness of .223 for hunting, the last three hogs were taken with my 12 inch SBR using 75 grain Hornady TAP. All shots were under 100yds. and only one was standing still. The large boar in the last picture had to weigh close to 200 lbs. Hit him on the run, one shot kill that actually hit a little far back.



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was that the hunt that they have on backpage.com?
No this is a guy that I know that owns over 1,200 acres. His rates are cheaper, PM me if you want his info.

I have several friends coming down for a hunt.

This place is a blast and crawling with hogs. I shot those five in 3 and 1/2 hrs and saw many more.


F*** it,We'll do it live!
Looks like you had a great hunt. I hope to make it down there and get my share :thumbup:.

So what's for dinner????:popcorn:

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I hear that Texas has a ton of those feral hogs. So this ranch is open to anyone who wants to pay? How far is it? Do you gotta fly there?

I guess this answers the "hunt with .223" thread question :lol:


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There is a trespass fee but it is reasonable. Shoot as many predators/hogs as you can. Fly into DFW and drive down or hook up with the guys from there in town that are driving down to hunt with me. I will be down here for awhile longer and then get to come back home to Vegas.


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The 5.56mm has always been effective on soft targets. It used to have the nick name "meat axe" and the 5.45x39mm was known as the "poison bullet". Its when you add cover and concealment that soilders felt the round was a little light in the a*s.

I've heard the 1-7" twist and the 77 gr Blackhills load has helped a lot.

Mr Pheer

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I had 40 acres in east texas and had plenty of wild hogs. Having a stream that ran most of the year helped quite a bit. Had a few deer and more squirrels than should ever be allowed.

Cant wait to go back there but I'm stuck here for at least 4 - 6 more years.