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Grand opening in Pahrump 6/23 with free classes (and chow)

We're doing a day of free classes on Saturday, June 23rd to introduce our new training venue in Pahrump.
We're located in the Wheeler Ridge plaza behind Phantom Fireworks at 921 S. Hwy 160, Ste. 404.

Drop by and say "howdy", grab a hot dog and a soda, and sit in for a free tuneup class.

Our friends at The Master at Arms gun shop are right next door so you can also go test your sales resistance (and then snag a new blaster :D).
NYCOGunsmith had to remind me that this will also be the ARRL Ham Radio field day, so you can run by the Calvada center just off Hwy. 160 and see how world wide comms are done.
(Ordered my Extra study materials, suitably chastised, thank you sir may I have another :D)

Here's our class schedule (coffee and donuts up for grabs about 0830):

9:00 am First Aid / CPR fundamentals
Basic treatment for life threatening trauma and medical emergencies

10:30 am Handgun 101:
Selection, safe handling and storage and operation of common handguns

Noon Nevada self defense and firearm laws
Introduction to the legal aspects of gun ownership and self defense in Nevada

We'll do it again for the late sleepers :devilish:

1:30 pm First Aid / CPR fundamentals

3:00 pm Handgun 101:

4:30 pm Nevada self defense and firearm laws

And to wind down, show and tell welcome, lifeboat rations and MRE snacks included:

7:00 pm Survival Preparedness
This workshop will be held once a month. It's a discussion on survival - be it for a major catastrophe, all the way down to loss of a job. How do you survive?


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I have to agree, this is pretty neat and really gracious for Chuck to offer. I'd don't know if I've ever genuinely Thanked you for the classes I've taken over the years so here it is, Thank You Sir.


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I will be there to check it out, Its filed day for us hams so I will probably be in at 1:30 for the CPR classes and back at 7 for the survival class :)


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I attended CCW renewal class last Saturday; great instructor and discussions. I would like to attend the survival class, but not sure if my schedule on that day will allow.