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Just bought a used ZERO HALIBURTON suit case with the intent to use it to carry several pistols at the same time to the range.

It came WITHOUT foam. I know that I can go to a fabric store and buy some. the problems are ...

1) the nearest store is an hr drive each way and I don't go to Reno much so that would be some extra cost.
2) I estimate that it would take at least $50 to get enough foam to fill it (its 26"L x 18" T x 8" D.

I'm thinking about getting a can or 2 of the spray expanding foam to fill it then cutting out some slots.

Any other ideas?
Do you think that it would work? Can I spray paint it after it cures and I cut it?


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I have a Beretta rifle case that came with pre cut foam. Pick and pluck. Goes back in also. I want more of that foam for my other cases.
Would that be the success or the failure? LOL

Ya, but that can get stupid expensive. I sent the fabric shop an email for a quote.
I did it at a gun shop on the north side. I would have to look it up as it was many years ago and it was under 100 for the foam and it was custom cut for my AR a handgun and mags.


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^ thats the stuff.

I thought about wrapping the pistols in saran wrap and sticking them in (and quickly pulling them out!), but I'm having reservations about that. I could line the case with Saran Wrap ... that way it this doesn't work, its alot easier to abort the whole deal.


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I tried this some years back, with limited success.
I took the empty case and lined it with multiple layers of visquene plastic to protect it from that foam, that stuff sticks to everything and is a bear to get off, wet or cured.
I GREASED the gun heavily, then put it inside a vacuum seal bag and sucked the air out, then inside a second bag and sucked the air out. I wanted to be very sure that foam couldn't get on the gun at all.

Then I put a compactor garbage bag into the case on top of the visquene, and shot inside it with the foam, as it started to expand, I clamped the end of the bag shut tight, and then pushed the sealed gun down into the expanding foam, from the OUTSIDE of the bag, so the bag was also between the gun and the foam.

Did this because I had received sensitive electronic assemblies that were packed this way, and had survived being shipped halfway around the world.

The foam expanded inside the bag, and around the gun, which I pushed down to only half of its thickness into the top of the bag.

When it hardened, I left the gun there, repeated the visquene and bag 'o foam trick on the lid, this time shutting the case lid while the foam was expanding in the bag in the lid half.

I ended up with a case that was molded to the gun, with enough clearance provided by the two vacuum sealed bags around the gun (once removed) to be able to put the gun in and out, but it looked like hell because of the slick compactor bag surfaces.
In an effort to cover those, I cut and spray glued felt onto the bag surface, which made for a better looking (although not by much!) case, and a tighter fit of the gun in the impression.

After that , with other guns I just went back to making custom fitted wood pieces , covered in felt, for guns in empty cases, takes a lot more work, but looks much nicer and holds them very tight when done correctly.


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That is some great 1st hand experience.
Thank you very much for telling me about that.
The more I think about it the less I like using the expanding foam and will try other options.
I may use the expanding foam just on the bottom of the large section to take up some Room. It's crazy how expensive foam is.

Thanks again for relaying your experience.


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There are cheaper foam alternatives.
For example, from Wal Mart:

Buy one of these, and cut multiple pieces to fit in the case, there should be plenty to get you to the depth you need, put the top layer in convoluted side up, it will hold the gun securely, I have a number of cases that came that way from the factory and they hold the gun quite securely.

Or this, it's one inch thick, just cut pieces to fit into the case, the top layer you outline the gun on, and cut out that shape so it sits in the cutout, supported by one or more layers below it and above it.