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There are cheaper foam alternatives.
For example, from Wal Mart:

Buy one of these, and cut multiple pieces to fit in the case, there should be plenty to get you to the depth you need, put the top layer in convoluted side up, it will hold the gun securely, I have a number of cases that came that way from the factory and they hold the gun quite securely.

Or this, it's one inch thick, just cut pieces to fit into the case, the top layer you outline the gun on, and cut out that shape so it sits in the cutout, supported by one or more layers below it and above it.
Wow, that gives me a great source for a completely different project. I want to sound dampen my equipment room (HVAC/ Hot water/ well pressure tank) as it makes quite a roar though the thin doors. Sorry not trying to hijack your thread....


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Careful with the Styrofoam sheets, while it will work and is pretty easy to cut (check out the battery operated hot wire Styrofoam carving tools at Michaels Crafts or Joanne Fabrics and Crafts) you will want to line the Styrofoam cutout with soft felt or cloth, Styrofoam can be pretty abrasive on a blued gun finish, don't ask me how I know...………..that's why I didn't suggest it to begin with, it's a bit more work as you have to make the gun cutout a bit larger to allow room for the felt, then find a spray glue that works on the felt but won't melt the Styrofoam.

I did one years ago without the felt, thinking the gun was held securely, but there was just enough movement it abraded a nicely blued S&W model 29 with an 8-3/8 inch barrel, I had to reblue the gun because of the wear a 1,000 mile each way road trip put on the 29's bluing while nestled in that Styrofoam.