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Gunsmith recommendations


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Looking to lighten the double action trigger pull on my S&W .38 snubby. Anyone know of a competent gunsmith in Las Vegas?


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How many rounds through it?
If less than 500, go buy a cylinder full of snap caps for it, clean and oil it properly, put the snap caps in, and cycle the action both double action and single action about 3,000 times each, I'm not kidding, by dry firing it. Might as well practice your sight alignment and trigger squeeze while you are at it, that will benefit you as well as the gun.

After every 1K cycles, clean and oil it properly, and after the total of 6,000 cycles, see if the trigger pull is more to your liking. It probably will be at that point.

I can't count how many times someone came into my shop, bought a new revolver, stating "My Dad has/had one like this for years/decades, smoothest action ever!"....and then in a week to a month they would be back, wanting me to smooth up the action so it was buttery smooth and crisp "like Dad's old XX gun"..

So I would tell them revolver action jobs were $25, $50 and $100, lets start with the $25 one and see if you like it, if you don't , the $50 one then is only $25, or the $100 one will only be $75 as part of the work of each of those was done by the $25 action job.

I would take it apart, inspect it , clean it, lube it properly, install snap caps, and start dry firing it until I had cycled it a few thousand times in each mode, with cleanings every 1,000 dry fires or so.

Invariably, the customer was ecstatic when they came back for it, because it was now "Just like Dad's old gun!"......which got that way by being fired thousands of times.

It just smooths and polishes the mating surfaces, getting rid of tool marks, and making the parts wear into fit one another the way they should, the same as having a good pistol smith take it apart, and polish the surfaces to a mirror brightness, and possibly recut some mating parts to make them slide together or apart more smoothly.

But if that doesn't sound like something you want to do, in no particular order, New Frontier Armory or Wild West Guns can do it, actually any competent gunsmith should be able to do that work for you.