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Has anyone had this happen?


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Haven’t ordered from them, but looks like they might be trying to verify shipping to a non-ban state. Odd, not all that unexpected in today’s climate, yet not something I’d be supportive of.
First time it has happened to me I ordered a bunch of glock drums and they didnt ask a question just found it odd it's the first time I've seen it
Just clicked on their website - they still have guns listed for sale.
Back in the Obama years, their pricing was not competitive in my experience. I don't buy from them.


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That is one reason why I’ll buy from sportsman’s warehouse here in Vegas, on occasion.

During the craziness, they had shortages like everyone else, but they didn’t raise prices to abusive levels. They were pretty firm, and reasonable, considering. They may not have had stuff, but when it arrived, it was fairly priced.

I mostly buy internet stuff but for spur of the moment or sudden need, sportsman’s is convenient and on my list.

Haven't bought from Crooked Thieving Dou@*#!ags since their post-sandy hook gouge fest. Their business, they can do what they want. My money, I get to do the same. :)


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As an aside, I was reading a post on the Maryland shooters site.

Basically said that an ammo seller was asking for id to purchase ammo.

The purchaser confronted the company. The company admitted they didn’t need the actual id that filling in the web form field would be ok. But they “ask” for a copy of the DL or other state issue id.

Maryland does have an age requirement for ammo purchase, but picture is is not necessary. Iirc. From reading the site.

More reason to buy local in some circumstances.


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Cheaper Than Dirt can bite the dust..... they lost my business from When they gouged during the Obama drought!..... i had placed my order before the scare and then they cancelled my order and later jacked the prices up like 10 times.......I remember them well.
I am only thankful some people still remember the BS that is CTD and steps up to educate to newer people about them. I always try to remind people that they are in fact what Janizary called them. Much like Dick's, it's not a name, it's an attitude.



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I stopped buying from them years ago.
Items I wanted would have came from 3 of their warehouses .... Wanted to charge shipping from each one of them.
Cancelled the order.