HK P30SK - Is this me or the pistol?


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I recently purchased a HK P30SK at a local shop and noticed it behaving strange if not potentially dangerous. Before firing any live ammo or sending it back to HK I wanted to get some more eyes on this potential issue.

After a dry fire in either SA or DA if the trigger is held back while racking the slide, about half the time it will not cock the hammer. Please see the video link below illustrating the problem. I've never experienced this type of issue with my USP and wondering if it's just something slightly off with this gun. I find that it happens more when upward pressure is applied to the slide while racking. If the slide is forced down into the frame while racking even slightly the issue will not occur.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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Just sent it back. Fingers crossed! :crying:
There is probably just a part out of spec or a broken spring. They are not too complicated so I am sure it will come back working well. It doesn't matter how good of a design or company it is there are always a few that slip through with something wrong. That's why I am still shocked by how many people will carry a handgun without testing it.


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What became of this issue?
Ended up selling the pistol after I received it back without ever firing it.
I found that it still seemed to behave the same way when manually racking the slide but apparently this is possible according to HK and no issues were found.

Here's the response I received from HK.