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I enjoy shooting steel. Much more fun than paper. Been getting the itch to have a duelin tree. But, all the ready to buy ones are, IMHO, lacking in details.
They're not really portable and easy to store, not really adjustable if I happen to be shooting where flat ground is hard to come by.

Guess that I gotta make what I want.

Ordered up some 6" AR500 paddles w/ DOM tubes from EBay.
My work takes me to Bridgeport where there's a local who has a small town Welding Shop. I introduced myself and asked to buy some stock from him. Joe was very generous and sold me a 20' stick of 1" x 1" x 1/4" angle for $20.
I strapped it onto my Propane Bobtail CELL 005.jpeg CELL 006.jpeg and brought it home.


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Made a guess on the dimensions of the base. Designed a post for the mast that folds down. Its thin wall tubing so I added some washers for strength. One bolt is the hinge while the other is to lock the mast for storage and travel.



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The mast had to fold. Bought some heavy duty hinges at my local welding shop. DUELIN TREE AND CLAYS 038.jpg

I needed to be able to lock the mast in the extended upright position too. I'd have preferred to have the lock pin on the backside, but this is where she ended up. DUELIN TREE CELL 017.jpg


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Welded on the DOM tubes. drilled a hole in them for a locking bolt. That way when I travel, they won't move around and fall out. I want this to be as easy to deploy and store as simple as possible. DUELIN TREE CELL 032.jpg

I put the nut on the bolt, then staked the bolt so that it won't just fall out when loose.


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Next I had to figure out a way to adjust the angle of the post depending on conditions. My final design was to weld on some 3/4" pipe, then use different diameter bolts to adjust the angle. Sometimes the bolt itself will rest on the angle, but if I need just a bit more, I'll rest the bolt head and nut on the angle.


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I have 1 more detail to work out. The 2 pc mast needs to be able to be locked so that it doesn't deploy during transport.

I also plan on drilling various dia hole in the base so I can store the different bolts for travel and not forget and leave them at home.
Nice job. I’ve been looking at them and thought the same - there’s no way for me to fit those in my Jeep. What did it all run you?


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Looks good, thank you for taking the time to do the detailed write up with pics!
How well does it work? Anything you would change after having had a chance to use it?


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Thanks guys.

I still need to conjure up a way to lock the mast halves.

I would also adjust the height of the mast so that the hinge has less of an impact on the spacing of the paddles. If you look, you can see that the bottom 2 are spaced differently than the top 4. Not a big deal, but I like to keep things even and clean.

I would prefer to have the hinge lock bolt on the back side; I have already dented the 3/4" pipe with a flyer. It doesn't seem to affect the lock pin coming in or out.

There have been times when a paddle will jump out of the DOM tube. And the DOM tubes are getting"dented at the top. Not sure if that will be a problem. It may just slow down the paddle when it turns. I'm thinking about adding some 3/4" pipe to the bottom of the DOM tube - maybe that will retain the paddle. Might add a piece of 1/2" pipe too and see how that works.
I originally installed washers on top of the lock bolt to act like a wing nut. That looked like poo and was too tall and interfered with the mast closing. I cut them off and welded on a 2" x 1/4" round stock and bent the tabs. I used my NEON ORANGE NAIL POLISH to highlight them.
Makes me feel pretty and works great on sights too!
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So far, I've spent ...

$58 for paddles
$20 for the stick of 1" x 1" x 1/4" angle
$25 misc hardware
Time in the shop ... PRICELESS!


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I've been warned about bounce back and have infact experienced copper jackets coming back.

I feel that the cause is the angle of the mast. I've heard before that a 10 degree angle is the minimum. But, I'm experimenting with that.


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Worked on it today after work and came up with a way to secure the mast for transport.

Bent up a piece of flat stock and welded it to the lower mast. DUELING TREE 019.jpg

Welded another piece to the upper mast end. DUELING TREE 012.jpg

Closed the mast and drilled a hole through both. then I staked another nut and bolt and welded it to the bottom piece. The bolt does not thread into the top piece, but it rides into it like a receiver hitch. DUELING TREE 016.jpg

It looks like it'll work.

Gotta make it look good too. DUELING TREE 023.jpg