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I literally cried, 1941 Johnson abomination!


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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One sentence about the gun, and an essay about following their bidding rules. That's always reassuring.

Agreed. It's ruined. I only hope the guy who did this had a piece of junk when he started and had nothing to lose. To think it was a working Johnson when he started is unfathomable.


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That...……….just leaves me speechless...………….
I thought the constitution forbad cruel and unusual punishment, that poor 1941 Johnson has been tortured beyond belief.
.338-'06 rechambering, rebarreling with a fluted barrel, all that hideous camo paint, and all the AR15 wanna be parts.
There isn't a punishment severe enough for the Bubba who desecrated that fine old rifle. Even if is started out as a junker, it deserves better than this!


Beware of Cat
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What a special gun that is. It belonged to a special person. I don't know if there is another person with a purpose special enough to want that gun.


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Only the magical, mythical combination of Bubbaness and more money than sense will get that abomination sold. Personally, I think I'd just ignore any of that seller's ads just because they're silly enough to advertise this monstrosity!


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Yeah I dunno if I should just punch myself in the face to try and unsee that or just accept society as a whole is essentially the end result of what happens in the bathroom after I eat Robertos. Disgusting