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Thank you for a great match. This was also my first time out shooting IDPA. I was really nervous and uncertain at first, not knowing what to expect. However everyone was really cool and very helpful to the new shooters, answering questions and offering some really good advice. I often mention to new shooters.....who come out to shoot at CCSC for the first time....about 1000's of new synoptic sensory input that they are working with when trying to learn to shoot..., Always good to be reminded what that feels like and have people to help you work through it.
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Results from Sundays match. It was a beautiful day to be at the range with temps in the high 60's with a bit of wind. We had 45 scored shooters with 1 DQ. Congratulations to Jonathan Bissett on the high overall and SSP division win. The other division champs were-

ESP- Scott Valentine
CDP- Kevin Gene
CCP- Marc Koch
CO- Jay Carpenter
SPD- Jeff Martins

Hope to see you all at the next one!