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Here is the info for this Sundays match. Note that this starts an hour earlier this month.

Here is the registration link for next Sunday's match.


Please remember that we also need at least 12 people for set up crew. Last month we did not have nearly enough people for set up crew. Your match fee will be comped if you volunteer for set up crew and you will also get the appreciation and admiration of all your fellow shooters! I know it's the last thing anyone wants to do in these hot summer months but it really does make things run so much smoother when we have help. The faster we can get set up the earlier we can start the match and the sooner we can be finished. Remember none of us get paid for this and it's usually the same core group of guys who make this all possible so if you never signed up for set up crew last year then maybe this is your time to sack up and come help us out!


Set Up Crew - 6am

Match Sign In / Payment - 7:00am

New Shooters Meeting - 7:20am

Match Start Time 8am

If you are shooting 2 guns you MUST sign up for set up crew on one of your guns. Your second gun match fee will be comped.

Official Notice : PCC division capacity is 10 + 1. Also you MUST have a chamber flag in order to shoot PCC.

Please remember we need at least 12 people for set up crew. If you haven't signed up for set up crew yet this year, this month is your month! Come join us for a fun filled morning of hot weather, dry skin and the comradery of your fellow IDPA set up crew.

Please be sure to enter your email address correctly when registering otherwise you will not receive the follow up emails after registering. Shortly after you register you will receive a registration confirmation email. Shortly after this confirmation email you will be approved to squad and you will then receive another email for you to select your squad. YOU MUST CLICK THE LINK IN THE SQUADDING EMAIL AND GO BACK INTO PRACTISCORE AND SELECT YOUR SQUAD.

Registration Link:

Las Vegas IDPA

We shoot the 2nd Sunday of the month at DSRPC

Find us on facebook at

or at Practiscore at


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I have a conflict again for this one. Good luck to all the shooters!


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From the Match Director, results from today's match.

Thanks everyone for coming out today! It was a great match with awesome stages and good weather! We had 10 new shooters / spectators today and I'm confident some of those who just watched today will be out to shoot next month. Thanks again to everyone for all your hard work. See you all next month!!

Overall Match All Divisions:
1st - Scott Valentine - ESP
2nd - Chad Cunningham - TC
3rd - John Lara - CDP

1st Place Finishers by Division:
CCP - Aaron Gomez
CDP - John Lara
ESP - Scott Valentine
PCC - Bruce Holden
SSP - Rennan Abella
CO - Bart Carter
TC - Chad Cunningham
TCB - Joel Ancheta

Most Accurate:
Only 4 points down!!!! - Tony Massucci

Las Vegas IDPA

We shoot the 2nd Sunday of the month at DSRPC