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No, 3 were on stage 1 and 1 was on stage 5. The 2 I had to call were pretty bad. Both were well past the cone and 1 was for sure past the 180 and the other was right at it. There is a video on the FB page. Not sure how to copy it here. It was unfortunate but it happens to the best of them sometimes.


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Las Vegas Practical Shoot Club Monthly IDPA Match, hosted by Nevada Firearms Coalition, will be held on Sunday, July 22, 2018 at Clark County Shooting Complex - Education Center.

Education Center is located at the end for the road past the Rifle & Pistol Range.

Please preregister online at

NOTE: Practiscore has changed it policy all those registering must create a PS account. Only info they ask for is name and email address. Please do this, it will help us continue using this valuable tool.

There will be 5 stages with 4 squads of no more than 12 shooters per squad (48 max in match).

Match Fee

$20 for NVFAC members (please bring your membership card)
$25 for non-members

If you would like to join the NVFAC and save $5 each match and at other events and just help support their efforts, please join here and print out and bring confirmation email or send email to us)

Divisions will be SSP, ESP, CCP, CDP, BUG, REV along with SPD (if your gun doesn't fit in any of the other divisions) and the new provisional division Carry Optics (CO). PCC will not be available for now. We will not accept preregistrations for a 2nd gun. If there is room, the morning of, you can then pay for a 2nd gun.

Check-In / Registration closes at 8:30 AM SHARP; shooters meeting at 8:45 AM; Match starts immediate after shooters meeting.

Please be at CHECK-IN no later than 8:30 am to pay or you will lose your spot.

First time IDPA shooter orientation at 8:15 AM, PLEASE check in by 8 AM.

We need about 8 volunteers (and two pickup trucks) to help with building and tearing down stages. Anyone that volunteers gets a complimentary match fee and the appreciation of us all. Those working must be at the range at 7:00 AM and stay after match ends to clean up.

***We will confirm with you, BY EMAIL, if you will be needed for setup crew. Only eight volunteers get the complimentary match fee***


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Why are you against the PCC division?
Bart, I will give you the long answer and the short answer.

Those that are running it, which is more than me, decided that PCC (a provisional division) violates International Defensive PISTOL Association's fundamentals of carrying concealed for defensive purposes. You can NOT conceal carry a PCC. IDPA is a PISTOL association.

You have an outlet in USPSA United States Practical SHOOTERS Association which is part of IPSC the International Practical SHOOTERS Confederacy. USPSA has a number of sports that use multi type of firearms. They have a PCC division in their Pistol sport.

So we decided that while PCC Is provisional and we do not agree with it being part of IDPA we will not allow it.

The short answer is the guys that run the club said no and that is all that needs to be said.
Speaking for myself I don't have a problem with the rifles, I plan on building a couple myself. I just don't like them in IDPA for the reasons Tom noted above. We might allow them in the future but right now we are filling the matches with pistol shooters and we would prefer to cater to them for now. If the club grows to where we can add another squad and there is the room I would be open but until then we are just running pistols,
Well, it is your local club and I guess you don't need to adhere to the national IDPA position.
Bart as mentioned it is a PROVISIONAL division so we do not have to offer it, it is up to the match director. We are not the ONLY club not offering it and we are not the only individuals that do not agree with its inclusion. We know you shoot it at DSRPC and you can shoot it in USPSA and UPL at Progun so you have options available, so I am not sure why you are making an issue out of this.

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#28 I am not sure why you are making an issue out of this.
I really don't want to make an issue out of this, so this is my last post on the subject. I would just like to give my personal point of view.

It is my understanding that provisional divisions are there to take the pulse of the shooters and decide the future of a provisional class. When IDPA doesn't see enough PCC entries, it doesn't look good for the shooters that want PCC to become a regular division.

As you know, I always shoot two classes, pistol and PCC. To me, personally, it makes my time to participate worth while to be able to shoot both during a single match. One thing I have learned is that I am much better with a rifle than a pistol and to be able to shoot a rifle in a match gives me a better skill level if I were to need to protect my home. There are other factors for me shooting a PCC like I am getting older, don't see as well and it is FUN.

Thanks for explaining the Las Vegas Practical Shooting Club's position and the fact that those running the matches made this decision. I thought that since Las Vegas Practical Shooting Club is sanctioned by the IDPA, it would offer the IDPA divisions that IDPA members would like to shoot, but that isn't the case. As you said, there are options for PCC shooters besides Las Vegas Practical Shooting Club.
Bart, from what I am seeing there are numerous clubs NOT offering PCC across the US. I have also seen VERY few entries for sanctioned matches.

At DSRPC there were at most over the course of a year and a half 6 PCC shooters at a match and as few as 2. Which translates to 6.7%.

LVPSC is a sanctioned club of IDPA and IDPA does NOT require us to have PCC and it appears MOST IDPA shooters are not interested in PCC.I notice you shoot PCC at Pro Gun and they do not get any more shooters than what I described at DSRPC.

I responded so OTHERS will understand. You have MANY options to shoot PCC at Pro Gun a number of times a month and at DSRPC IDPA once a month. We will not change our direction given the FACT PCC is NOT popular.
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