If somebody is carrying for self-defense, it had better not be for defending Walmart's profit margin.


See what I mean, acts like this will get the anti-gunners riled up so that people's right to carry a handgun for defense against truly serious and violent crimes will be in jeopardy. I'm pro-gun but don't like stupid airheads like this woman packing.

Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez thought* she was doing the right thing when she pulled out her pistol and fired at a pair of shoplifters as they fled from a Home Depot near Detroit.

She wasn’t, at least in the eyes of the law.

On Wednesday, a Michigan judge sentenced Duva-Rodriguez to 18 months of probation and stripped the 46-year-old of her concealed gun permit.

Duva-Rodriguez didn’t manage to stop the shoplifters when she rattled off several rounds outside an Auburn Hills Home Depot on Oct. 6, although she did flatten one of their tires.

What she did do, however, was spark a nationwide debate — or at least add fuel to an already raging fire.

The shooting came just days after a massacre at a community college in Oregon, an event that led GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson to call for “more guns” to help fight crime.

But Duva-Rodriguez’s attempt at being a good Samaritan badly backfired.

She was widely pilloried for pulling out her piece when nothing but property was at stake. Gun experts slammed her, saying she was lucky not to have killed an innocent bystander. Prosecutors called her decision to fire her weapon in a busy parking lot “disturbing” and charged Duva-Rodriguez with misdemeanor reckless use of a handgun.

Duva-Rodriguez did not contest the charge in court, but she was hardly contrite.

“I tried to help,” she told WJBK after her sentencing on Wednesday, before wryly adding: “And I learned my lesson that I will never help anybody again.”

[‘Worst nightmare’: Woman with concealed gun permit shoots at fleeing shoplifter outside Home Depot]

Her lawyer was even more defiant.

“We need more people like Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez in our society,” defense attorney Steven Lyle Schwartz told the Associated Press.

* That's what she gets for 'thoughtin'!!!
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