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Input on used pricing for Arsenal/FIME SGL 21-61?


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Thinking about listing my Arsenal/FIME SGL 21-61. As with most of the stuff I've been listing it is very lightly used (under 200rd) in excellent condition.

It has the following modifications:

TWS Gen3 Dogleg with the optional peep sight
Zhukov front grip & cover
Vltor AR stock adapter
Magpul CTR stock
Magpul MOE AK grip

Yes, I know the purists will not like the modifications.

Prices are are all over the place on Armslist and Gunbroker. Searching completed auctions on GB I keep getting zero results. Not sure why.

Anyone with good info would be appreciated. You guys steered me well on my last two pricing inquiries. Thanks. Might be looking to pickup a 2nd Galil ACE 7.62x39 rifle with the proceeds.
AK's don't seem to move on this forum.

I had my Krebs AK (fully loaded with Krebs features, built on a Saiga) up for sale for awhile, with no takers at $1100, realized I liked the rifle a lot more than that - glad I kept it.

Post #386 for pics

I would say with the TWS Dogleg, your rifle is prob worth $1100 - but here and Armslist that seems to be a tough sell.


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Thanks, Joe.

AL/GB prices are all over. $1K "starting bid" to some joker that is asking $3,500 for his unobtanium version. Not sure why I cant bring up any completed GB auctions (for anything it appears, I just get zero returns).

I remember seeing that pic of your Krebs. Liked the idea of those mag-well adapters.


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If you have the original furniture, put it back on, you'll have better luck selling it.

AK Files had one sell last Feb at $1450 shipped:

AK Forum had another one last Feb. sell for the same price:

One that ended on GB on 30 Nov., unfired, went unsold at $1990.

Same guy: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/847298088


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Thanks, sleepdirt.

I have all the OE furniture, unfortunately, cannot put the handguard back on. The Zhukov requires the OE handguard cap to be removed. It was cut off.