Is this what precision rifle is these days?

I was browsing the web looking at matches in or around Vegas. I saw these pictures from Sin City Precision. Is this the equipment people are using these days? Can I mount a led sled to a tripod and use a remote trigger? Seriously, is this what people are competing with these days?

Being one of the dudes in the pictures I will bite on the snarky comments and say it is a small part of the game on the national level.
Rock on with your lead sled and remote trigger... Those setups all include prep time, so if you can get your sled, barcalounger, and set up in 2 minutes and get 10 impacts with 10 rounds out at 500-1000 yards on multiple targets at multiple distances on 1.5 MOA targets good on you.
I have worked with a lot of new shooters to the game and the the overwhelming comment is "this is a lot harder than I thought."
Most of the time a stage is just a bipod and a bag, but these photo's are some of the more specialized stages that are thrown at the shooters and are pretty neat photos to those of us that actually go out and shoot this stuff.
For example there are stages where a manufacturer sponsors the stage so you use their shooting sticks/tripod/rifle-mount. With that we find the best way to use the stage prop and get impacts with the gear we have to use.
If your at a location that holds local matches (Las Vegas Desert Sportsmans Rifle and Pistol Club has monthly matches) you can actually do it and see what its about. Normally the people out there at these matches will bend over backwards to help out new shooters and freely share gear... but if your a jackass out of the gate your mileage may vary.
Nah man I'm genuinely curious. I'm waiting for my scope to be fixed and taking a look at the state of things. I guess that's evolution. Last time I looked into it that Armageddon game changer bag looked really useful. It just appears its gone far beyond that.

I just assumed the whole purpose of barricades, rooftops, etc was to put the shooter in an awkward position. It just seems that the equipment people are using doesn't make it so awkward. Looks stable AF. Assuming a guy shows up with a 1MOA R700 and a bag is that guy gonna stand a chance at being competitive?


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One bag is all you need for 99% of stages for most matches. Those photos you post are of very specialized stages and that equipment is usually provided. It’s always good to see new match shooters out at the matches. Bring what you have and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most of us experienced match shooters are eager to help out new shooters. Look forward to seeing you out there.