Jerry Lewis estate auction - including guns


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I looked (on line) some interesting stuff. The stuff I could afford I've already got, and the stuff I could be interested in, I can't afford....Such is life!


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Did anyone go or see any of what the guns went for?
I didn't go but would like to see the results. When I heard of the 25% bidders fee I shut it down altogether. That kind of premium is unheard of in the tons of auctions that I've been involved with over the years. 'Bidders fever' surely took a deep toll in a lot of pocketbooks there at the auction.

A lot of times results are posted online. Anyone checked?


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Looks to me like the passport was one of the best values. Even at $2k it'll likely bring a lot more than that at some point in time. Will have to watch eBay to see how quickly some of this comes up on the market.

And btw if anyone wants to pay $750 plus taxes and fees for a Mossberg 500 pistol grip, look me up, I won't even charge the fees and taxes!


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I am assuming that the auction will provide paperwork attesting to the authenticity of Jerry's guns. Perhaps in the future the guns may be worth more then the buyers paid. Who knows? Jerry Who?

This reminds me of the story of Jesse James' mother and widow after Jesse was assassinated.

With all the press circulating of the famous James brothers of Missouri, the hysteria of the Frank James trial and all the dime novels of which the family did not approve, it was inevitable that people would turn up at the farm wanting to see the place where the infamous Jesse James had grown up.

Zerelda charged for the tour, and the visitors were taken on a tour of the farmhouse including a vivid account of the Pinkerton Raid in January. The fireplace does not bear burn marks but there is evidence of which floor boards which were salvaged and which were replaced when the repairs were made as compensation by Pinkerton to Mrs. James for the death of her son and injury to herself.

The tour culminated at the grave of Jesse, who was originally buried in the front yard outside Zerelda's bedroom window so when she slept at night, she had a clear, unobstructed view of his grave. Zerelda was worried that someone would come and take him so she had him buried an extra few feet down than the standard six. For an extra few coins visitors were allowed to scoop up the "authentic" pebbles from the grave. Zerelda replenished them from the stream where the boys used to play. Years later when Jesse's wife, also named Zerelda died, his mother had Jesse reburied alongside his wife at Mt Olivet in Kearney, MO. She further would play on the sympathies of her visitors by offering to sell old, rusted, often inoperable guns that she said belonged to Jesse before he died, which in reality she had bought second hand, leading to a proliferation of people claiming to and sincerely believing that they owned a gun that had once belonged to Jesse James.