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Just moved to Henderson from Reno

Where is a good place (outdoor preferably) to shoot near Henderson. I went to the public area off Las Vegas Blvd, near I15, 6 miles south of Volunteer, but it seems very insanely unsafe. Please advise?


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Best outdoor range near you is the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club on the other side of Boulder City. Memberships won't be available until next year, but half of the range is open to the public on weekends, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club out east of Boulder just past the dump. $10 for non-members to shoot at a really nice well run range.

Welcome to Eastern California.
It IS Eastern California. Where the hell do you think all the idiots that forced Prop 1 and this new Private Party Must FFL transfer gun sales people live? Vegas, Henderson, N. Las Vegas.

Drivers here are the worst I have ever seen and I grew up in So. Cal and I travel a lot every year. No place has worse drivers than here.


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Don't forget Reno. While not as bad as the Vegas valley, it has a deep share of loonie as well based on the Question 1 county by county results ;)
Sorry, I seemed to have opened a wound. Actually aside from downtown Reno, it is not bad in terms of loonies. & Reno, is tiny compared to this valley, a few miles out of town is cowboy country. PS the Vegas drivers are much worse than Reno's. The first thing I was asked when I moved here was, "What do you think of the drivers?" ( In college, I was a NYC Taxi driver in 1972, 1973).


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Head East on Grandpa's/Granddad's Road and shoot the countryside up...