Just picked up a Croatian HS2000 9mm (Springfield Armory XD9)

Coup d'etat

Hello Clarice, did you miss me?
This past Friday I picked up an excellent condition Intrac HS2000 (Gen 3) for $200 way out in Pahrump. I've always wanted an XD9 from Springfield Armory but just couldn't afford the asking price. I'll post pics later.....

Anyone owned an HS2000? Opinions, flames LOL?

Thanks. Coup

(Pics below I pulled off the Internet, but my pistol is exactly the same)
4280066_01_intrac_hs2000_640.jpg 4280066_02_intrac_hs2000_640.jpg
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I really enjoy the XD. The new "Defender" series can be had for $300 with one mag.

They shoot well, are very accurate, reliable and comfortable to shoot. I like them so much I have 2 identical 9mm versions,

I would buy an HS2000 for $200. Great score!

Coup d'etat

Hello Clarice, did you miss me?
It's easy to rack. I'm surprised. It has a triple-progressive captured recoil spring assembly. High-tech considering it came out in 2000.



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Saw one once at a gun show. Knew it was the design SAI bought to bring a pistol like that to market, but I've never seen another one in real life since.


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That gun is cool-carried an XD40 for years and found it very accurate reliable and durable. It resides in my truck center console vault so basically it still goes with me everywhere. I agree with the OP; easy to chamber rounds and also prefer the grip safety design for holstering (thumb resting on the rear of the slide).