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Last price drop! .38 Special and .40 S&W ammo - Reno, NV 89503

Looking to sell this ammo. Cash only in person, no shipping, sorry. Located in Reno, NV and must be picked up here, will not deliver or meet outside of Reno. *Please PM me with your specific request(s) and you MUST include your phone number* All prices are firm, lowballers will be ignored.

Still have:

.40 S&W brass case 165gr FMJ (50 rounds Win 3 Gun 180gr) - 350 rounds - $50

.38 Special brass case Aguila 158gr lead bullet - 700 rounds - $160

Take all for $200 cash. Prices FIRM period. Cash only, in Reno, NV 89503. Please make sure you include your phone number in your PM reply. Thanks for looking.

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PM me your phone number. I will be in Reno for "The Big Reno Gun Show" Thursday thru Sunday. I will take all of the 38 Special. I will PM you my cell phone number right now. Thanks, Big Cholla
Well for Pete's sake! I can't figure out how to contact you privately by PM. Tomorrow, will post you my table number at The Big Show. I just don't feel comfortable in posting in the open my cell phone number. ......... thanks, Big Cholla
I just sent you a PM with my number.. you should see an alert and/or inbox tab up above indicating you have a message. Click/tap that and my message should come up. Thanks!


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What a classless new member.
You went online 15 mins after I sent you a pm and you couldn't have the decency to respond?
What a jackwagon.
And by your history, you only joined to sell stuff since you have no other posts.