Long Range and precision rifle 102


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Long range and precision rifle progression 102.
Advancing beyond the basics.

Every thing that i'm about to go over here has already been covered, this is just to condense it all down to one place or gives you a good place to start your search.

Assuming now that you have the basic equipment and understanding how to use it I will go over some of the ways I have improved and progressed in my long range shooting. While there are 10000 ways you can go about this this is stuff that worked for me.

Ammo- Obviously a good quality hand load or production match ammo is needed to refine your shooting.

Load development- Point of this is to find a load that your rifle preforms its best with. While many people will spend weeks, months or even years chasing the perfect load. Some one else has already spent a large amount of time, money and headaches at the range so I prefer to try the loads of others first. You will find most people are more than happy to share what works best for them.
Once you find that ONE load that works best for your rifle then your ready to move on, otherwise your just waisting your time and efforts.

D.O.P.E.- Essentially a fancy acronym for range (card). Once you have found your final load then you are ready to start stretching it out beyond 100y. If you rifle is zeroed at 100y move back to 200y and record how much elevation you needed in your scope to hit the target. Move to 300y and repeat, so on and so forth until your happy (I have dope out to 1800y with my 50bmg)

Once you have accurate DOPE you will be able to dial your scope to that point every time and be on your target


Techniques- How you handle the rifle will determine how accurately you will shoot it.

Trigger control- DONT FLINCH. If you anticipate the shot you will move the rifle and miss you shot. Its hard not to do it but its extremely important.

Squeeze the trigger(don't yank it) and follow through.

Breathing- control your breathing, exhale, hold then fire or wait for your natural respiratory pause and "press" the trigger back.

Alignment- Make sure you are lined up perfectly straight behind your rifle. DO NOT BREAK YOUR CHEEK WELD in between shots. Your not going to see the impact better with you eyes, stay on the gun.

Attitude- Bring a clear mind and a good mood to the range.

Wind- Wind can give even the most experienced shooters fits from time to time but there are many ways to help you read the wind. Mirage does more than just blur your target down range, it is your friend in reading the wind. Next time your behind your rifle take a min and focus on the mirage... what way is it moving? Straight up= no wind. Left to right slightly= light 1-3mph wind out of the left, L to R parallel to your horizontal line of your reticle is roughly 8-10mph. There is no good way to illustrate this, so pay attention every time your behind your rifle and remember for future use.

Angle- High angle shots will affect the bullets point of impact. You can use things like a protractor, ADI or ACI to dope the angle of your shot. Remember the relation between the trajectory of the bullet and the angle of the shot.

Temp, humidity and elevation- all affect your shots and are more drastic the further out you shoot. Take notes for future use of how shots change.

Shooting positions
- Practice them all as they will show up in advanced shooting competitions and hunting.

Prone- The standard on your belly shooting position
Off hand- standing holding the rifle supported only by you(and maybe a sling)
Seated- sitting on your butt supporting the rifle by your arm and a sling
Barricade/wall/ truck- Rifle supported by means other than you or a bipod
90*- Rifle is on its side and your windage knob becomes your elevation and elevation knob is now your windage. This type of shooting requires you to record a second zero location.

Analog range estimation- Your mil or MOA reticle can be used to determine the range of your target.

MOA formula-Height or width (inches) divided by target size in MOA X 100= range in yards

MIL formula- Height or width (inches) x 27.77 divided by target size in mils = range in yards

Shooting under pressure- Shooting conditions will not always be favorable or ideal, you must make the best shot with what you are given.(this has become one of my favorites in recent weeks)

Timed shots
- Practice multiple shots under a time limit, 5 seconds per shot at a standard distance is good rule of thumb. 10 seconds per shot for variable(known) distance targets. (Example 3x shots in 15 sec @300y)

Partially obscured targets- Bushes and plants happen, learn to shoot though them. Conditions wont be ideal, deal with it the best you can. Practice shooting though the tumbleweeds or other vegetation instead of stomping it down.
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Informative post.LR shooting IMO is like any other sport.You get what you put into it.Vegas50 AKA "The Prodigy" Practices atleast once a week and has a great atitude while shooting.In the short time I have known him and JFC they have made me a much more accomplished LR Shooter.Thanks Fellas


Good post, thanks for the breakdown. I am still working on the basics and need to reconfirm my 872yd DOPE from this weekend. ;)
It's easy to help someone when they are talented!

I have to re-do 1288 yard dope. It was either 43 or 45 MOA
Thanks for the compliment JFC.Cant wait to try out that Cheat Sheet on angle and range estimation.My Dope on 1288yds was 55.5 MOA and 2 MOA left.Thats a long ass way for .308!


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Roger that

Informative post.LR shooting IMO is like any other sport.You get what you put into it.Vegas50 AKA "The Prodigy" Practices atleast once a week and has a great atitude while shooting.In the short time I have known him and JFC they have made me a much more accomplished LR Shooter.Thanks Fellas
I am with you there, I have learned alot from shooting with all of you guys. I think you can always pick up new things if you dont show up with the attitude that you ALREADY "know it all" To me all of you guys have been extremely helpful and without the "elitist attitude" that you get from some accomplished shooters. Thanks guys!:thumbup1:


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Great seated practice today! Thanks Vegas50!
Im happy with how far both our seated shooting has come in the last few months. The "knee" method has helped tremendously. A few months back i was lucky to get 1 or2 hits out of 10 shots, but with lots of practice i was able to pull off 13 or 14 out of 15 shots @ 300y on a 3/4 silhouette. Next time out we will take some pics and throw them up here.

* remember* seated shooting is roughly defined at matches as, you butt on the ground and the rifle not supported by anything other than you. Using your knee as support for your rifle, if your agile enough, is accepted as long as there is no bag, rest or tripod supporting the rifle.
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Does anyone in Southern Nevada offer a long range / precision rifle course for newbies?
I know front sight offers a long range rifle course, but you have to be a triple diamond twice distinguished golden member, or something like that to even take their course. Ive never taken it but reviews are mixed, like everything else front sight people either love it or hate it.

JFC was talking about a group that operates on the Nellis range that may offer classes to the public. Ill see if i can dig up some info on it or get him to post up.

Check out the LR shoot this weekend that Quickdraw has in the works. There will be several people out there that can answer questions or get you going in the right direction.


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I have a copy and go through it from time to time. The military manuals are handy too, I have one on .pdf I can burn/copy/email if anyone needs. I printed it out one time and its huge!


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Thanks guys. I've watched most of the vids and I think that I have a pretty good grasp of the theory. I'm definitely looking for some hands on coaching to weed out any nasty habits that I've developed.

I definitely would have gone out to the shoot on the 28th but I had already committed to a CCW class that Saturday.