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Magazine run has commenced. How bad will it get?

I remember when PSA was including 10 PMAGs bundled with a carrying case,lower parts kits, or an upper not long ago.

If you don’t have at least 30 sitting around you must be new to the AR15 platform!
I've been buying D&H aluminum mags 5 or 8 or 10 at a time over the past several years whenever they'd go on sale for like $6 or $7 bucks each on PSA.
Well so far the magazines are holding out much better than ammo or guns. I wonder if the sky high price of ammo is keeping mags in stock?
Most of the big stores I’ve been to, cabelas, scheels, sportsman’s whorehouse, all have racks and racks of PMags and their normal full selection of pistol mags
Agreed, most common mags remain in stock for now. There are black holes opening up as well, I cant find factory Mini-30 magazines anywhere...



Lock and Load
This is a strange panic. Not hitting 2012 levels execpt for ammo supply. Wonder if everything will hit the fan in feb when bejingbiden rolls out his gun control plans on paper?


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It is best to buy what you want while you can.

I'd buy more mags right now except that I already bought so many mags in 2020 and burned through my discretionary funds for now.
Last Saturday I went to sportsman’s in Henderson, an entire isle was full of PMAGs for the entire length of the isle. As of today........gone.


I have been debating on getting some more pmags. I ordered a new build kit but only have like 6 pmags then som usgi and some Troy mags 🤷‍♂️
I ordered a dozen from Osage County guns 2 weeks ago , right around 12.50 each shipped ( Gen 2 non window MagPul).

MagShack has :
Magpul Ar-15 Gen 2 MOE Pmag 10 Pack


I haven't found anyone in Henderson that cheap , Spartan is 70 miles round trip. I bought some from Urban Civil defense months ago for $13.
Has a run commenced? I’m still seeing 'almost' everything in stock everywhere I go or check. I think the only thing I havent seen are factory S&W M&P Mags, but there are still plenty of promags available.