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My wife an I visited Magnus Sports this past week. If you have never done so, and have ever wanted to see true race guns for competition, I'd say the experience would be like a kid looking in their first candy store. Truly amazing firearms!! The entire staff made us feel welcomed and were fantastic! And to top it off, JJ Racaza was there and was kind enough to spend some time with the two of us. About an hour or so of talking guns, family and technique. What a humble, grounded and nice gentleman.

If you have ever wanted to look at, hold or drool over tools that competition shooters would use, I suggest take a drive over to them. The 2011 platform is eye opening to say the least. And sexy as hell (in my opinion)!!


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I was wondering if he spent time at the shop or just had someone run, so that's cool he is there. Seems like a great guy and a professional in his sport, big congrats to him for taking two divisions at Nationals this year. He and Max Michel run a Pro Shooter experience once a year, that's on my bucket list.


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He's there most of the times I drop in. Very nice guy. Definitely a store if you are serious.