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Mandalay Bay shooting


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Top I agree to a point. What still cracks me up about Wayne Root, is he still hangs on the the idea that Paddock was a gun runner, and this was a deal that went bad, so they did a mass shooting to cover it up.

The reason I find that so outlandish is very simple. Why would anyone, especially a "government entity" even think about doing a weapons deal in a hotel with thousands of surveillance cameras? Anyone with any common or street sense would NEVER do a deal there.

During my career I did two undercover operations where I posed as an illegal weapons dealer. Both times the prospective buyers (one Cartel member, one Islamic terrorist) did not want to meet anywhere near a potential surveillance camera. Both meetings were done in very remote areas. (And yes, they both went to prison.)

Real bad guys don't like to do business in hotels because nearly every where has surveillance cameras. So it just strikes me as ridiculous that a covert operation as Wayne Root offers as a motive, is so lacking common sense.

The newly released video also dispels Root's conjecture that Paddock couldn't have possibly been strong enough to get all the weapons and ammunition to his room, so he had to have a co-conspirator. Of course he did, the bellman helped him take the bags to his room. But that does not make the bellman a co-conspirator, he was just doing his job assisting a high roller guest to his rooms with a lot of bags. Something bellman do every day in Las Vegas.

You are right somewhere in the middle is the real story, but I think it's closer to the official version than Wayne root's.
Yeah, I never doubted that he was capable of getting that 'arsenal' to his room.

He had 5 or 6 days to do it. One duffel bag and many trips would have done it.


As far as criminals not wanting to be on hotel surveillance, I'm sure you're right. But then you have idiots like O. J. Simpson! :smile5:


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Unless they already lived there.
Then I think of the old saying "Never S#*T where you live" would kick in.

Even the outlandish "Saudi connection" only has/had the top floors. You still had to walk through the hotel, and as this video proves, you are watched pretty much everywhere in the hotel.
Kind of surprising that nothing has been posted to this thread in over a month given all the news that’s been happening lately with the court orders etc. the first thing I want to see released by Lombardo is an INVENTORY of what WILL be released. Otherwise, he is going to keep stonewalling.


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Kind of surprising that nothing has been posted to this thread in over a month given all the news that’s been happening lately with the court orders etc. the first thing I want to see released by Lombardo is an INVENTORY of what WILL be released. Otherwise, he is going to keep stonewalling.

Las Vegas Metro police said they will begin to release records related to the 1 October investigation starting Wednesday.
Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said in a press conference Tuesday that the department will release documents to comply with a court order. The Nevada Supreme Court denied a motion to stay the release of records related to the shooting.
Videos from two officers, who had their body cameras on when they entered the suspect's hotel room, will be released first, Lombardo said. The release of additional videos, 911 records, and documents will be provided on a regular, “rolling” basis.
Lombardo cautioned on making conclusions on a single release. He said the facts on the initial information provided to the public has not changed. The department will release a comprehensive report in the future. The report will have additional details on the content that was ordered to be released.

He expected more documents to be released in the next two weeks. The department said they are working on a method to distribute the content.
Lombardo said there are reasons why the department couldn’t release the records before. He cited the ongoing investigation, manpower, concerns over the victims and their families and the cost. Adding, it will cost the department and public “several hundred thousand dollars in manpower, time and equipment.
“At no point was the LVMPD trying to be uncooperative with the media or the public,” Lombardo said.
Metro employees have been pulled from other assignments and will have to relive the incidents from 1 October, Lombardo said. The work from other departments will be "slowed."
“We as a department are trying to complete the investigation and heal as a community,” Lombardo said.
Lombardo said they are operating in the same manner as in the past, by releasing important facts and making sure the public is not in danger.
“I want the community to know the release of the videos, 911, and documents will have a significant impact on the victims of this tragedy, Lombardo said. “We believe the release of the graphic footage will further traumatize a wounded community, for that we apologize.”
Lombardo said victims and family members should know the video from the concert is disturbing and graphic.
“We have always tried to protect the victims,” Lombardo said. Adding, the department wanted to avoid further victimization.
The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center remains open, Lombardo said as a reminder. The center offers counseling and other resources for victims and their families.
Gotta wonder what Shifty Joe is trying to hide by pushing back against the media and courts in stalling with the records release the way he has.

The Sun has posted an interesting article regarding new evidence released.

One witness said MB32 had complained about Waco, government overreach, and gun control only a few days before his slaughter.


Police and the FBI refused to answer questions from The Associated Press about the account from the man who said he met with Paddock outside a Las Vegas sporting goods store after posting an online ad to sell schematics to convert semi-automatic guns to fire automatically.

The man said Paddock became upset and launched into a tirade about gun control when the man rejected an offer of $500 apiece to modify semi-automatic guns to fire automatically.
The RJ posts its own article in response to the document dump:

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