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Montana Elk Hunt during the Rut


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We managed to call this one in...he was at 1200 yards in the open on top of a ridge. My buddy bugled twice and he came running in at us..stopped at 300 yds and tore up some trees...He was PISSED...that was his last mistake...got him through the lungs with the 30/06.

He fell about 100 yards down the side of the ridge...luckily didn't break any antlers on his way down!!!


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More pics from the trip

Hiking to the top

The fifty position aka kill zone alpha...lmao...no luck with the fifty...we had it on a 9000 ft ridge overlooking a nice burn area...couldn't get anything to step out when we were at our post!!!

Packing out the head and front quarters...luckily the horses came to the rescue and took the rest out...that one trip was a (b****)...steep ass country and alot of blow downs and just plain miserable...

Here we are on our way in...neat trip

Our view from camp...amazing country.



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That place is absolutely beautiful!

Nice elk too, good thing the grizzlies left you alone.
We did meet a couple guys from South Dakota (one of them actually lives down the road from my little brother up there....small world) who had a sow and two cubs come into their camp...they packed their **** and left! They literally went back to South Dakota and didn't finish their hunt...we had some "mystery animals" outside of our tent at night, there were a few times that we both had weapons trained on the rear tent wall!! But definitely no confirmed bear sightings, did see a few tracks here and there....good times

Thanks everyone, yeah, we had a great time, lost 15 - 20 lbs....steep ass country!!!


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The Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness area

Thanks again everyone, yeah that country is very beautiful...it reminds me of glacier park which is also in Montana, but you get the benefit of being able to hunt it...it was pretty tough hunting this year, this was the ONLY elk that we saw. We saw a lot of sign and alot of bedding areas, but this was the only elk that we saw. We talked to alot of other hunters when we came out and no one else was seeing much either. At that point the outfitter that we used for our drop camp told us that I was the only one out of that general area who had harvested. He said on the other side of the unit the "fully guided" hunters had pulled out 3 bulls on opening day.(that was about 20 miles west of our position) So I feel very lucky that we were able to run into this guy!


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Luck is the best thing to have on a hunt. Nice bull you brought down. That country is very beautiful. I love fly fishing and snowmobiling the high country. It will keep you young and is the best medicine to keep your ming clear, stress down and enjoying being on this blue marble. You can easily forget about the real world in that country. Congrats on your hunt.


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More hunting pictures

dragging ass while packing the 50 to the top

saddled up and ready to ride into camp....as it turned out my ass back and knees weren't as ready as I was!!!

the guides loading the elk up to head out

Nice Rack!!!

Got the meat all packaged up and ready to haul off of the mountain

One more of the fifty position....I love this shot, those clouds hanging in the mountains just look awesome....