Moving sights on Springfield was quite a task

My new XD-S Model 2 was shooting to the left on my first trip to the range. No problem, just move the sight, right? WRONG.

I heard they were tough to move, so I wasn't even gonna attempt it with a flat punch and hammer. Bought myself a nice sight removal tool. Nice to have anyway.

So, I set it up, and get the slide all clamped in place, and begin cranking. Wouldn't budge. Gave up on the little slide handle, and put a long handle 15mm wrench on there,, and continued cranking. Still nothing.

Now, I'm usually a guy who has no problem cranking down on stuff, but this actually scared me. I thought for sure I was gonna damage something.

Looked on YouTube, and found a video that one dip(crap) posted of him cutting the front sight off with a dremel tool because he couldn't get it off. He messed up the gun considerably. If you are gonna do stupid (poop), you don't post it on YouTube.

Anyway, went back to the bench, triple checked that everything was lined up perfectly (REAR sight I'm working on by the way). Began applying the pressure again. Like I said, this was making me nervous.

FINALLY, I felt a little click, and the sight moved. Got it figured out now. I actually think I moved it too much. No prob. I'll take it to the range and see where she's at, and then make any more necessary adjustments.

I was talking to a gunsmith buddy of mine today. He said Springfields can really be a (b****). He's actually had to mill some of them outo_O


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Heat, and cold, are your friends with tough to budge sights.
With polymer frame guns, you have to be careful, but you can warm the slide with a hair dryer, then quickly chill just the sight with an ice cube, put the sight adjuster tool on there, and it should move a bit easier due to the slight (.0005 -.001") clearance the temperature differential creates.
A bit of light penetrating oil on the sight dovetail before applying the hair dryer helps too.

S&W M&P sights are also a bear to move.
One of my brothers has 6 of those, bought a top of the line sight pusher made just for those pistols, and ended up bringing them to me, as they didn't want to move and he was afraid of damaging the gun.

Oil, heat, ice, tool, and they slid right out.


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I have a couple of real good sight tools, but I still ended up paying a gunsmith friend to install my night sights on the XD. Tough.


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I just bought an M1 carbine. Brought it home and oh the rear sight is way off to the right. It ended up being far enough off that I was able to remove it by pushing it off with my fingers.
Looked up in manual "Do not remove or install sights with nifty spiffy sight tool..."
Umm yeah right, locked it in vise, "special tool" and hammer... Done!!!!!!!!!!!! No damage to gun or sight!!!


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The Springfields are the tough ones, I usually do a couple of jumping jacks to get warmed up before I crank them out.