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my first Glock

Hi all, so my CCW arrived today and I was on a local pawnshops site and they had this Glock 17 gen 2 at an I couldn't pass it up price!! bamm!! so much more easier to purchase with the CCW looking forward to taking it out to shoot, not yet though saving ammo right now. they only sell ammo to people that purchase guns I got their last box of 9mm too


What, me conspiracy?
Nice! Good choice. I have a gen 2 (as well as a gen 3) and love it. I know some people don't like the stippling/grip, but I don't mind it at all. Hope you get to go shoot it soon!
Also have to run my "new" Hipoint 995 I got right before this stuff kicked up and didn't want to burn my low supply of ammo.. that won't happen again....


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I finished my polymer 80, G19 on Monday. I own a few polymer guns, my first almost Glock. All Gen 3 Glock upper and parts. I haven't shot it yet. It functions well.