My first IDPA Match recap.


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Third match is in the books from yesterdays fun at Desert Sportsman’s. The weather was brutal, it was cold and wind gusts over 40 mph probably higher. It was blowing everything around and wreaked havoc on the stages, so we keep our brains warm with some troubleshooting, field repairs and improvised stage re-planning.

Some new items compared to other matches:

  • Shooting from a port – this one was interesting since in IDPA you can’t cross an open window with unengaged threats. The port had targets to the left, middle and right, so, it had to be shot from one side of the port only. You couldn’t shoot from one side and then move to the other to split up the threats since you would be exposing yourself to a bad guy.

  • Shooting between/over close targets to engage far targets – one of the stages had three close targets, I think one was a non-shoot, directly in front of you and then you had to stay in that spot and engage targets of varying distances to the left and the right in a V shape. The first targets became barriers as you had to shoot around/between. And since the targets had to be engaged in “tactical priority”, meaning near too far, you couldn’t just shoot all the right targets and then shoot the left targets; you had to alternate. Hard to explain maybe, but I can’t draw so you’ll just have to try and visualize it.
Saw improvement again at this match, even though I didn’t place as high as the previous one. The setup at Desert Sportsman’s is more challenging; longer shots and more stages and high degree of difficulty.

Had a few targets that I biffed and took 3 Mikes on two close targets. Swore maybe I loaded some blanks, but it was the last stage and the wind had blown dirt in my eye or maybe it was the sun or maybe my hands were cold. Honestly, I think I rushed it and that’s what happens, well for me anyhow. Next month at DSRPC is a classifier so will be interesting to shoot a stage to become a ranked shooter.

The next match is at CCSC on Feb 24th, but I can’t make that one. There are only 7 slots left and this one might be easier on new shooters, so get out there and give it a go. Here is the thread that PM720 posted earlier today.

IDPA Match at CCSC