Need a new safe where to go in Reno.


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Finally getting out of California. I will need a safe for our new home in North Reno. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks for letting me be a member of this forum.


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Maccabee Arms has a huge new safe room, shop local if you can.
Posted this in another thread, lol:

They are located in Fresno, so shipping to Reno should be very cheap.

Call direct for a better rate, delivered to your driveway/garage.

Check out their website, then google them and see what the guys on national gun forums are saying.

I have two.

REAL security. No comparison to the cheap Cannon safe I used to own.

Once you know what to look for - you realize that most gun "safes" are nothing more than cabinets that are dressed up to look like safes.
Some places will only deliver to your driveway or back patio...they will NOT deliver inside your home! ...even if you offer the delivers a little extra on the side. I had to call a separate safe co. and pay extra for this little guy to show up with an interesting hand truck that lifted the safe about a foot into the den/former garage and once he got it in there I was amazed because he hand walked it into the corner of the room. :O Then he bolted it down into the rug covered cement floor where he said any potential robbers would have to blow up the safe to get it out so I/or my son, will sell it along with the house, if/when the time comes. Get a dial safe, they are better then electronic safes!!!