Need Free-Float Rail Recommendations for NFA Billet Build

I am building a new AR using a NFA C4 billet lower and NFA side-charging upper. I am trying to find a rail that most closely matches up to the profile of the upper and lower to look as if it was made for that upper/lower combo. I am not as concerned about whether it is a full or partial quad rail or MLOCK but rather how well it transitions from fore-end to upper. With a side-charger I am looking for a clean transition to get quick, unimpeded access to the charging handle. Here is the rail I used on a different brand left side charger build: Just tapping in to the knowledge bank on here to get some recommendations. Thank you all for your time with this. By the way, I haven't decided on a caliber yet. .224 Valkyrie sounds good but I'm not sure about a brand new caliber that might turn out to be a flash in the pan.
Aero Precision have similar profile hand guards like the product in your link. I like aero precision hand guards for two reasons; first, is the finished integrated look between the upper receiver and the hand guard. Second, the simple installation, when the aero precision barrel locking nut is used. I would first confirm compatibility with the NFA C-4 upper, especially, a side charging one.

I am also intrigued by the ballistic specs of the .224 Valkyrie. If this continues to catch-on, expect to see more barrel manufacturers create new products; same goes for the bullet manufactures. So far I have not built one, I am keeping an eye out for the indicators mentioned above.


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The link you have shows the rail has anti-rotational tabs. Those won't work with the NFA side-charger. You will need something like the Midwest Industries rails that don't have them.


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I am sorry, I was looking at the picture backwards. There actually is not anti-rotational tabs on the one you linked, those will on fact work.
Thank you usmcnye and jmano for helping out with this. If anyone out there that has built on NFA billet upper can let me know what rail they used and how it fit I would very much appreciate that. Thanks again guys for your quick response. I am checking out Aero Precision and Midwest Industries offerings right now.