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Need gunsmith familiar with Winchester Model 97

Pumping the action is like pulling a rake through blocks of concrete. Something is rubbing inside. After I get it cocked, I can hardly get the slide forward without pushing hard on the bolt.

This particular M97 was made in 1898. I think the warrantee period has passed.
fork might be bent, possible obstruction and or broken part or debris,
dissasemble, clean, inspect for obvious signs.
check for function
you would be surprised what junk you may find
good luck
Not passed down. I've only owned it for 2 days. It's clean. The action feels like it hits something when closing. If I lift the cartridge carrier about 3/8 inch, it will close, but hard.
JTW - thanks much. I'm going to see them Saturday. They say they have a 'smith who speaks fluent M97.


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I have a ‘97 I inherited when my father passed. It is a takedown, and I forgot how to take it down. A YouTube video came to my rescue. You might look at YouTube to see if there is any help.
Its serial number is in the low 4000s, so it was built in late 1897 - early 1898. I guess it can afford to show its age a bit. It's a non-takedown shotgun,andin pretty decentshapefor 122 years old.

I'll keep ya all informed, as I'm going to Wild West Guns today to have the 'smith check it out.

Here's a photo of my recent handgun purchase, also
North 1816 flintlock. - 54 caliber. Would make a hell of a hole.

It's down at Wild West Guns being repaired.

My problem is I looked at a Co-Pilot lever action while I was there. Now, I'm going to have to come up with $3700, as I'm going to buy one.

Do you know anyone who wants a M97 made in 1897? No paperwork needed.
Photo is the C0-Pilot in 45-70. Co-Pilot-Take-Down-16-1-e1454344122506.jpg


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A Co-Pilot has been on my list for a decade. It's just not at the top of the list. YET. But what a workhorse of art it is!