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Need To Get My Bird Dog Out


I just got a new bird dog this week. She is a 2.5 yr old Brittany and is already trained. I don't have any idea where to take her to try and find a few birds. I really want to get her in the field and see what she can do. If anybody knows a spot and would like to hook-up sometime give he a shout. I don't mind a drive and I'm pretty much free anytime.


Vires quod Veneratio
Searchlight or Xmas tree pass areas are close. There are quail in those areas and you can hunt there. But they have been chased and shot at for the past 3 months, and now they spook easy. you could always trap some pigeons and head out to the dry lakebed area just north of apex @93-15 junction to see what your dog will do and to get a feel of how she'll hunt ................markerdown