Nevada / Battle Born design 1911 grips

Looking to show some NV pride on my 1911. Wondering if anyone makes and sells Nevada designed grips. Not trying to get anything custom due to the fact that they will be going on a cheap RIA and its not worth spending a lot of money on.

Any help is appreciated.


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Those would be cool.
I'm using some wood "US" grips on my RIAs.
Haven't seen any Nevada themed grips, unfortunately.
Have a set of these. They are very comfortable. I was able to due some further grinding on a grinding wheel to make them even more comfortable. Found them on EB


I ended up joining a 1911 group on FB and finding a page called "a woman's touch grips" on FB and its some lady in Texas who makes some pretty cool ones! She is still working everything out for me but in expecting to pay around 70 bucks.

Its basically going to be these grips eith the battleborn graphic instead of Texas obviously. Not sure if i want to do the barb wire. Thinking of maybe something that is more Nevada, but the barb wire does look really cool.

Would have been nice to have these made IN nevada but its alright i suppose.



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Maybe make a small medallion that could be added to any existing grips???
Not a bad idea at all. I've done it plenty of times for customers; I've made the medallions with a slight dap to them and hard soldered a pin on the back to bend and hold in place. That in conjunction with the proper adhesive and they ain't going nowhere. I've even done the state seal with hard fired cloisonne enamel but those were for LEO's only.


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Spartan can laser engrave. They were running specials on Vegas Golden Knights logos a week ago ish.
So I am guessing other have similar tools.


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Wait what? Who doesn't have a 1911, I mean really?????
If I stock up on another caliber, I'll need a bigger house.
I've thought about one in 9mm, but those grip safeties and huge beavertails...
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