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Nevada ghost towns


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I took a trip to Delamar on Saturday. Not much has changed, but someone was cool enough to wash off the tagging from my last visit in 2017. It also looked like someone had replaced a couple of the grave markers with new granite headstones, and place artificial flowers on everyone's graves.

The road from the cemetery to the town site is getting pretty bad. This past winter must have been heavy. It's still passable, but four wheel drive only.
I cut Christmas trees every year on the ghost town side of the mountain or about 15 miles up over the top toward Carp and Elgin.There was quite a few wild horses toward the top of Delamar,there's a spring toward the top of the town.I buzzed small aircraft through the valley below and there's some single wagon tracks from a 100 years or so ago still visible wiggling from the town heading south.That had to be a rough slow journey,Huh!


Firearms Instructor
No doubt!! I'm just finishing up on my mods to a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Once it cools off, I want to do some exploring passed the main part of town, down through the gully and up the road to the south. I think it connects to a new road that was just graded from the main valley road. It's approximately two miles south of the main road to Delamar.