Nevada Shooters lowers

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Hey Guido
There was some talk in another thread the other day about a Nevada Shooters lower order. You said something about you had art work already. So I guess I'll throw out a couple of questions to try and get it rolling.

Is it ok with the board (Nevada Shooters)?
Will you do a run of lowers if they are ok with it?
How many would we have to order to get a run done?
Would it have to be billet or forged or could a guy order either?
Can you share a picture of what the art work looks like and what a lower would look like?

And I want (2) please, consecutive serial numbers.

Bob aka Browndog


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If he makes them in the C-4 style that his shop has, I'd be down for a couple.


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Sorry for leaving you guys hanging for so long. Yes, we've worked with the NVS staff and will finish working out the details this weekend and get something up ASAP.

We've been super busy lately and I'll do my best to get caught up and get more info out on this by the end of the weekend.

We would only be offering this on our billet lowers, but at a decent discount and some of the proceeds would go to the forum as well.

Details to follow ASAP.
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