WTS New model ruger bearcat

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I’m selling my new model ruger bearcat. I got it from the original owner on here not too long ago. When I first shot it I found out it was very hard to chamber ammo after a few shots so I sent it in to ruger and they replaced the cylinder and replaced the damaged ejector housing assembly that the gun had when I got it. I was planning on swapping those parts out beforehand (ruger awesome customer service). Gun is in good shape overall but does have a few small nicks on one side of the frame as shown in photo. Will come with original case and grips shown in photo as gun did not have original grips when I acquired it. Per the serial number it’s manufactured in 1997. It was on here before with another revolver but I had the thread locked and forgot I still had this on the previous thread. Gun located in north Las Vegas 350$




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Adding smith and Wesson shield 1.0 comes with original box and manuals and gun lock. Also comes with two extended mags and one flush mag. Round count is unknown as I bought it used about 6 months ago but it’s in great shape and I personally put 200 rounds through it with no issues. Gun is located in north Las Vegas. Looking mainly to trade for revolver type weapons but I am pretty much open to other types other than shotguns. Trade value 325$ And black mark on photo over serial number was just added by me the gun is not marked like that.