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New Snake Gun

Besides, when looking for a 410/45 snub, choices are very limited.
I'm interested to see how well it patterns for you.
Can you show patterns on targets including point of aim, with distance and the specific ammunition?

That short barrel should reward you with good patterns.


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you tryna channel your inner jerry miculek / bob munden thing? shooting skeeters with a 410 pistola? give some advanced warning on that. i'd like to observe.

maybe a snapshot on stations 1 and 7 could work out for ya.

Bring it with you when you finally find time for me to teach you to shoot skeet, should make a great starter skeet gun, nice WIDE pattern, can't miss!
looks like a great shooter with the pachmayr grips. 45lc makes it a highly useful protection revolver, 45 schofield is soft shooting.


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I've shot skeet with the 6" barrel version of the Judge, takes a bit of getting used to , but you can bust some birds with it.

Station 1,2 high and low are fairly easy, doubles is tough though. 3,4,5, distance is a bit long, pattern spread a lot, hit maybe 30% of those. 6,7, high and low not too bad, 7 low real easy. 8 was a bit of a challenge the first round.

Made for a lot of good laughs from my brothers, especially the one who owns it, last round he managed to hit 5 birds , I hit 15, other two brothers hit 9 and 12 . All of us have been shooting skeet a long time, this was an interesting change up on the game for sure! First 3 rounds, none of us scored more than 10 birds, brother who owns it hit ZERO the first round, only 3 the second and third rounds. But then, he's left handed!

Now with a 2", things ought to get real interesting!