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New thread for new belts


I aim to misbehave...
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Been awhile since I've seen belts discussed at any great length on here. What do you guys like for a sturdy gun belt for daily CCW needs? In the past 6-7 years I've gone through two of the 5.11 belts that have the plastic stiffener. That's not horrible in my mind for the price paid, but I figured I'd see if anyone has a better recommendation before I spend my monies. :cornut:


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I have used Wilderness Tactical Instructor belts for several years. Good, strong gun belts, and their customer service is top notch. They are in Phoenix, but I just order online.


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My crossbreed belt is ~6 years old and is in good condition (I am probably not as hard on belts as most) Only issue I have had is with the buckle. The brass finish wore off part of it and now has a nice rust patina.
3 I like so far

So I have a riggers belt I like I also had one made with kydex sandwiched between the leather and a regular 5.11 nylon .
Another vote for the Wilderness Tactical belt. I've had the 5 stitch for over 5 years now. They have a great program for resizing or just needing a new belt. They take $17 off the cost of a new one if they can reuse the buckle. Last time I did a swap, had it back the same week I sent it.


I aim to misbehave...
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Been waiting to add a review to this thread, but I settled on an AlienGear dress belt with the black buckle. So far I like it. Much more sturdy than the 5.11's that I thought were really nice. Two years was about the lifespan of those, so two weeks with this new belt doesn't compare in that regard, so time will tell.


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I've worn a few of the belts mentioned above, really love the 5.11 belt.

I did recently buy abetterbeltusa.com. An amazing belt that needs to be bought 4 inches bigger than pants size.

But an excellent belt!
Wilderness Tactical original instructors belt here. Bought my first one in 99. Still have it although it's about to go back for their FREE re-velcro service. Have a few more of them in different colors and and alternate them based on attire, but wear one of them every day. I like the softer 3-stitch belts, but to each their own.