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As my only handgun was my Kel-Tec PF-9 (which I love and is awesome for carry, is not all that fun to actually shoot), I have been thinking about getting a larger (and higher-capacity) 9mm as well (a GI-type 1911 in .45 is also on my list, but I'm still working on that).

I happened to have recently read some reviews of the new Diamondback FS 9, their first non-mouse gun pistol offering, and all were quite positive, especially on ergonomics and reliability. Lo and behold, someone posts a lightly used one (2 months old, round count ~200) on Backpage for an amazing price (MSRP is $483, typical price ~$350, cheapest I could find was at Bud's for $275 + transfer, and this was SIGNIFICANTLY less than that). I was wary because of the low price, but figured I'd contact him, and could always let it go if it seemed sketchy. Guy was great, had Blue Card and wanted to meet at Metro (so no real fears about it being stolen other than the joke that is the blue card system). Met up on lunch today at the Cheyenne substation and we were good to go (other than the 15 minute wait to register it in the empty station for no good reason).

I will post a range report once I take it out (probably Sunday), but here are my first impressions and some quick pics. Gun feels great in hand, much better than Glocks and M&Ps I have held (which it is most comparable to in setup); fits great in my medium-large mitts, only (minor) issue is my thumb is not long enough to hit the mag release without shifting my grip. Trigger is nice and light but crisp when dry-firing (I'm not really used to striker-fired pistols, mostly my DAO Kel-tec and my brother's SA Star and Revolvers).



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Their tiny guns are well reviewed online almost everywhere. I've talked myself out of it twice because the ergonomics don't fit me, and it looks like the same would apply for this full size. But they're proving quality doesn't have to cost, and I dig that.
I've been looking at getting one of these as well, I hadn't thought to look at backpage. It looks like you can modify a 92FS mag to work in one of these, that would be very nice if true.


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Met up on lunch today at the Cheyenne substation and we were good to go (other than the 15 minute wait to register it in the empty station for no good reason).
That is a record fast time for the Cheyenne station. I was first in line one morning and waited 45 minutes. I'll drive across town for a transfer before I go back and I live less than 5 minutes from there!


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I took it out's been a busy week and forgot to post.

It performed flawlessly through several mags worth of Winchester White Box and Tulammo Brassmax (my first experience with this ammo) 115gr FMJ.

It's a sweet shooter, especially compared to my PF-9, but even when compared to some other larger handguns I've shot. The only issue, which came up in several reviews, is that the trigger blade safety can dig into your hand a bit after awhile, but it wasn't too bad and I'm guessing you'd get used to it after shooting it more.

I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for a budget 9, especially at the price I got it for (although I admittedly got pretty lucky :laugh: ).


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I was searching and came across this post.

Thought I would update it with my experiences.

I also own a DB9FS. Ghost Grey/Black slide. Picked it up new 04/2016.
Priced at $275. $322 OTD. Only comes with 1 magazine.
Purchased a 4 pack from DB for a total of 5.

I agree that it runs flawless on many different ammo's. Brass, steel and aluminum cased. All 115 gr. FMJ.

Ergo's are great. DAO trigger works great for me. No complaints about the safety blade. This is a model that uses the Glock sights. Accurate out of the box.

Most Glock holsters work.
I also added a grip sleeve.

Now the real truths.

1. After a few hundred rounds camblock roll pin walked out of frame at the range.
Luckily I found it and got it pressed back in. A drop of blue locktite fixed that. Roll pin above tape.

2. 1 Year later it suffered a catastrophic slide failure. Recoil rod retainer tab broke off of slide. It had to be returned to DB for repair. As the original owner the slide was replaced for free under warranty. Took 7 weeks.

3. Replacement slide finish wore off barrel end after less than 6 months.

Looks like I am going to have to get a stainless natural finish slide due to DB not using the same coating as the original. I will end up with a Ghost Grey/Stainless Steel Duo-tone...Still awaiting final resolution on this matter.