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Official "1911" thread


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Nice! ^^ I got a Sig stainless target a short while ago which I haven't shot yet. Seems very well built tho. As for the 5" Kimber, my stainless TLE is always in my bag with well over 15K rounds through it @100% with ANY and all ammo. Pretty sure you'll be happy with yours. I prefer a 3lb. trigger and flat wire spring so those are the only mod's it needed. If you go with the WC flat spring kit may as well toss the buffer-it didn't like it at all.


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Followed me home yesterday ... 9mm
New Ergo grips, Pearce grip & magwell ... Gotta get rid of the ambi-extended safety thing and pick up extra magazines

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Once they went hog wild improving the 1911 to the 1911A1 before WW2, we've just accepted that y'all can put all that newfangled Cheez Whiz into the generic 1911 category. That's a nice pair of pistols.
I just picked up my second 1911, American Classic 1911XB, 14 rounder based on the MAC 3011. Got it shipped to me from Nevada Firearms & Training down south, great guys to deal with. Found spare mags(it only comes with one) at Greg Cote and got a Hogue grip from them also. The grip is made for the Para P-14 and required a little sanding to thin out the top edged to fit but it came with free shipping on the entire order which was nice. I have fairly large hands so they help out my grip considerably. Very smooth running and easily as accurate as my Remington R1. I have mag wells ordered for both which I should have in a week or so.

Rock Island full size 1911 in .45 acp. I customized the generic wood grips that came with it and also purchased pearl Pachmayr grips. This is my first 1911, so I wanted an affordable one to learn from. It’s been very reliable so far. FBEB40C8-A89F-4448-B465-F7CD335B6DC1.jpeg 0D7842F5-EC68-4EBB-BB06-625703002D81.jpeg