Official AR-15 Picture Thread!


What fore grip is that? I like how it looks integral to the gun, instead of an afterthought.
Thank you. It was just one of the complete uppers at New Frontier. I liked the look of it. I was going to get their lightweight upper, but I didn't like how short it felt. I'm a pretty tall guy neither long arms so I wanted something I can hold comfortably

Looks to be a Midwest Ind. keymold grip.
This is correct. Good eye


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My Lola.

She is my #1 go-to.

KAC URX3 rail
AAC surpressor mount
Aimpoint COMP M3
Surefire scout
ALG ACT 4lb trigger group (love this setup)
using antiroll pins because those damn rock river lowers have slighly larger access pin holes

She's definetely worthy of her title. Multiple classes and thousands of rounds pumped through her in hot/cold/wet conditions.

I may add a troy ambi mag release to her (i have one on my 3gun rifle), but muscle memory always has me forgetting about it.