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Official SIG Thread

A 2004 Gun of the Month, nickel P229 DA/SA 40. Nil grips not original, I've modified it for no DA pre-travel, SA over-travel, short reset, and an action job.

"bumperized" like the above gun, 25 feet, sighting in off a bag rest:

Engine turned hood, (another P229 40):

Nightstand gun (yet another P229 40, the only one I own with a rail):

My mod to remove DA take up (pre-travel), the cam looking affair on the hammer pin moves the at rest trigger bar forward-this moves the trigger aft to remove wasted motion and give more space for fingers and gloved hands:

There were only 708 of the P229 40 "Satin Nickel" from June 2004. This gun was on Gunbroker and sold for around $550 IIRC. I missed out on it and was bummed (heard about it on a SIG site). A couple of months later, I go into a LGS and there's one under the counter. Asking $700. I whine about missing out on one on GB. Guy says, that's the gun, we had it listed on GB and a local guy took it home - wife made him bring it back!

Armed with that snippet of info, I wheedle the guy down to $625 out the door! Oh, and told him if he gets a SIG in, at least let me know. :)

The GOTM program started April 2003, and ended Dec 2005, 3 months shy of 3 years. Purely a marketing ploy, with a few flops and more than a few nice guns. For a complete list (date and details), see:



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Nice, Bumper.

I had a friend back in the early 90s who had his P226 sent away and done in the original NP3 (Nickle Teflon). It looked fantastic and you couldn't cement the thing together to make it stop shooting.
That P226 would have been a good one. I appreciate the older SIGs when SIG was at the top of their game. That includes the P229 since its inception in '92, up until 2005-6, just after Cohen took over. Then morale took a hit, and MIM parts crept into the works.